The Simpsons Tapped – erect your own springfield


The game is of life running fun! The game hardly takes 1.5 GB space. The game of the Simpsons Tapped is a city building game where you can create your own city as well as to springfield. But one thing a must to remember that is if accidently the homer meltdown then the city is wiped out. So it is all up to you to clean up all your mess in another word you have to rebuild the city.

Collection of the characters is in your hand

You should try to reunite the characters of your choice such as Marge, Lisa, Maggie and Ned Flanders who are not so much loved. After collecting them you can dress them up from the nines with options such as Daredevil Bart and Lizard Queen Lisa and for this is designed to use.

Own your own springfield

You are given the right to build and own your own springfield the way you want it to have. You can enlarge it to the waterfront, grow business with the fantastic and glamorous shops of springfield Heights and can amuse yourself with the sights. These all can be done with few taps of the screen.

Every time something new for your city

Springfield of the game Simpsons Tapped has perpetually is on the edge of destruction, purchase hey. If it may be superheroes run amok, or Halloween monster invasions or chaos caused by the idea of the homer. You are provided with never ending tap options.

Unique Simpsons Stories to experience

The game of The Simpsons Tapped offers you to catch exclusive and new animated scenes with hilarious stories of The Simpsons. You may tapped out is the most fun and life ruining stories. Well you may enjoy the game with The Simpsons Tapped Cheats and take your enjoyment to the top level. Regularly updated version may also be enjoyed by you.