Rush war explore more features and strategies to progress game


Rush war is a proper strategy war game more exciting new features, and players can attack other player’s lands. The game launched a few unexpected & outstanding way of attacking that has never been used in any mobile game. In the game, players can make their team with friends and fight the battle on the area of enemies. Rush war is a casual battle game which required advance strategy in order to offend the base of enemies base. The game also has many unique characters which help to attacks and those can be unlocked by Rush Wars Hack.

Strategy and guide to progress

In the game, strategy matters the most, in order to win the battles and wars, players have to make their own strategy to defeat the opponent base. Rush war is totally base on strategies attacks, and also when it comes to defending ourselves, it also needs a tremendous defending plan. The user of the game can also raid on the enemy base with their friends because it is the new kind of concept that developers have planned. Make outsmart plans, know the weak points of enemy and battle on the area are the main task.


Troops are also the main vital part of battles that keeps going the battle. It is a suggestion that makes strategy in order to use the powers and way of their attacks. Use long-distance attack troops behind the other troops so they can attack while getting cover. As you defeat as many as enemies, you will gain experience points that will support to unlocking more troops also users can use Rush Wars Hack to unlock.

However, playing with friends is always fun, and in this game, it is very fun and addictive.