Learn the basics of Choices: Stories You Play

Here you are going to know about all basic things about Choices: Stories You Play. In the same article, you are going to know all essential features of Choices: Stories You Play, 2 types of currency in the game and many more things also. Therefore, let’s start with the main concept and that is Choices: Stories You Play it is a creation of Pixelberry and its size almost changes from one device to another. It comes under the category of simulation based games. Also, in there are lots of classic stories present which depends on romance, love, drama, magic and many more also.

More about stories

Well, all users should know that the only way to make progress in the game is completing more and more stories or chapters. It is the best way among all and also by doing so you become able to earn keys and diamonds. Now, everyone must know that for what purpose these keys and diamonds used. These are used for unlocking more stories and chapters in Choices: Stories You Play.

How to earn currency?

Every single user of Choices: Stories You Play should know that they earn currency in both forms by some ways which are as follows –

·         They earn currency by using choices stories you play cheats and hacks.

·         Also, you simply get currency by completing events and objectives.

·         Gamers also buy currency by using in-app purchases feature.

Finally, all these are the best ways or you can say tips to earn a huge amount of keys as well as diamonds in Choices: Stories You Play.