How to protect your Instagram account with unwanted followers?

In day to day life, we need some enjoyment and fun with friends, but we all are busy. Instagram is the right solution for it, and there are lots of people who are connected with it.  You can download it from the android store, and it is suitable for an android device. We will see amazing graphics, and they are attracting more users. In which we can do a live chat with friends and go on the live cam for individual posts. The users can take the picture by insta camera. It is brilliant features of it, and you will see amazing filters for photos. Follow back the users to view private Instagram accounts. Security is the first thing in it, and for that, we need to go with some steps.

Set strong password

Password is entering key for all the users, and without it, no one can access the account. In the beginning, you will set the password, and you have to set a complex combination for it. Always use special characters in it, and it gives high protection from the hackers. 

Enable two-factor authentications

The app has different security tools, and two-factor authentications are one of them.  Such is beneficial for many users, and most of the business accounts enable it for more protection. It makes your account reliable for long uses.

Turn on push notification

The user can on push notifications settings, and by that, you will receive activity alarms. You can know about all the recent activities of your account.