Episode: Choose Your Story – Two Main Types of In-game Currency


In Episode: Choose Your Story; there are two main types of in-game currency. About these two types of in-game currency you will find a little loner in the article, but before this, you have to learn something new or necessary about the game. So, the size of the game is not varied, or you can say it varies from device to device and it developed by Episode Interactive. It also gives in-app purchases to its players, so that can easily buy any in-game items and in-game currency that is present in the game with the help of their real-life money.

The same feature or you can say in-app purchases feature to make the entire game easier than before because with the help of it one can easily earn anything by spending real-life money. Users can also fulfill the requirement of anything in Episode: Choose Your Story by using the Episode Hack. Below are mentioned two types of in-game currency, and all players should know about them –

  • Gems – Gems are the main or you can say the most important type of in-game currency in Episode: Choose Your Story. Therefore, it is very necessary for the individuals and players that they perform more and more those tasks and activities which provide them with a high amount of gems.
  • Passes – it is the second most important type of in-game currency in Episode: Choose Your Story. Players also earn them in a large amount or they can use Episode Hack option makes get them without playing the game.

Conclusive words

Although, earning the in-game currency by using the hack option is easier than earning it playing the game, but when you earn currency by playing the game, then it becomes good for you. With the help of it, you become perfect in Episode: Choose Your Story.