Mobile Legend – Best Ever Game

Mobile Legend – Best Ever Game

Moonton is one of the finest digital game developers in the industry, read more in wikipedia. Few time ago they launched mobile legend. It is the game which successfully gained a lot of attention within a short period of time. The game can be enjoyed playing on both platforms i.e. IOS and Android. The best part is, it is completely free to play. The androids users can get it from the play store; where else the IOS users are having the option of the app store. The game is quite interesting, however, it is not everyone cups of tea. There are some special points to keep in mind at the time of heading forward while playing this game.

Importance of characters

The characters in the game are having a very major role to play. Either the person would be heading forward in the game or not depends upon the character. There are several characters in the game, covering the abilities of each one of them won’t be possible. Therefore now we are going to cover few of them which are reliable according to me –

Layla – it is the female character that you will be receiving in the beginning of the game. A beginner can rely on her for long period of time. The best part about this character is – she can deal with the damage from afar. The skills of her are ranged and therefore deal in decent damage. She can be proved helpful in taking down the health bar of the enemy quickly.

Alucard – in case combat is your comfort zone, then it is the best choice for you. It is the fighter with wide ranges of the attacks and life steal factor helps the character to fight for long period of time. He can easily soak the damage at the time when allies hit through the back line. One point to remember is – don’t get carried away taking all the damages for too long as life steal is also possible till a limit.

Fanny – she is the assassin character with high-intensity damaging capability. One drawback of this character is – lack of accuracy. Therefore the player should be attacking only at the time when they are pretty much sure about taking down enemy. She has a place in the bushes or says behind the team tanks. One suggestion for using this character is to build some items for survival.

Master the maps

The importance of character is very well defined above. After it, the factor which is having importance is the map. It is quite important for the player to master the map. Knowledge about every single nook and cranny on the map can turn the things in the favour of the player. It will help the player in several ways and the most important one is – the player won’t be in need of looking forward to the map again and again. It will also boost the speed of player within progress in addition to anticipating the enemy at each and every single moment. By getting Mobile Legends Cheats and enjoy game.

Mobile Legends- How to Gain Infinite Diamonds For Free

Mobile Legends- How to Gain Infinite Diamonds For Free


The most common obstacle of the famous game Mobile Legends is earning the diamonds by using tools.  According to the recent survey, there is over tons of users find it hard to attain the in-game resources and end up wasting their lots of time on the same level.  That’s why in order to support these gamers; through this you will attain enough relevant information.   So, read it carefully and attain success without facing too many hurdles in the game.  First of all, you might know that the Mobile legends game is published by the Moonton for the users to get entertained in the leisure time.  To make the game more interesting, the developers of Mobile legends have introduced currency system, several gear powers and lots of innovative and unique stuff, which lure numerous numbers of users to download the game to have fun by playing it in the spare time.


Additionally, magic gear offers the users magic wand and crystal and movement gear allows the gamers special boosts and magic shoes to enhance the speed of the characters.  If you face any problems to kill the group of the army, then allocate the jungle gear to use beast killer and curse sword to overcome these hurdles with ease. The game also provides chest to obtain the free gift and rewards, which are available in the form of battle points and diamonds.  Unwind these chests and attain success without wasting too many efforts in the game.


Focus On Attaining Information Regarding Heroes Or Characters


As we know, there are tons of avatars available in the game for the gamers to allocate them in order to fight against the enemy. Many players are unable to dodge the attack of the hero during the battle and face disappointment in the end.  If you want to attain victory even against the top players of Mobile legends, then all you need to do is learn about the heroes of the game.  In other words, users need to gain information regarding the in-game character to cognize their weaknesses, strength and other special moves pattern. By gaining such information, you easily resolve the attack of the enemy hero or it will help the player to minimize the damage of the attack.


Other Benefits


The Mobile Legends offer the users to earn some amount of in-game resources by accomplishing the different sorts of daily mission.  There are several sorts of mini events and other tasks available in order to gain a limited amount of battle points and diamonds.  To activate these benefits, players require to log in to the Facebook or Google play account and obtain currency for free.  However, there are few players who still unable to overcome the hassles with ease, reach the listed below facts and resolve the complications conveniently.


·         Movement Gears:  with the support of the movement gear, you will attain some sorts of powers, which support the users to move faster by allocating them.  The magic shoes and special boosts are the power offers to the game.  Allocate them wisely and gain success conveniently.

·         Stun Ability:  the stun ability help the gamers to kill the enemy with ease.  Mostly, the minions are unable to support the users and end up losing the battle against the enemy.  That’s why, in the last moment, it will help to attain victory without facing too many complications.

·         Attack Gear:  it will help to grow the physical capabilities of the in-game characters that allow you to eliminate the opponent’s army without wasting too many efforts.  The attack gear provides Legion sword and vampire mallet to use against the enemy.  So, operate these tools and defeat the enemy easily.

·         Destroying Tower:  the main motive of the users is to destroy the towers in order to attain success easily.  You can easily dominate the battle once you will able to eliminate the tower.  Focus on destroying the towers rather than killing the enemy army.


On the whole, you can gain celebrity status easily by using these tips and tricks.  However, generator tools are also available to support the potential users to earn the reputation in the game from all over the world.  Get on android now and become the top player with ease.